Who is John Greene Logistics Company?


Our story began when our founder, John J. Greene worked building rocket launch pads at Cape Canaveral, FL where he was the head of the Iron Workers Union.  After hearing there was a need for commodities to ship from his brother who was a truck driver, John decided to take a leap of faith and start his own logistics company in 1962.  The company was originally called, “John J. Greene Truck Brokers” located in Mims, FL.  With his contacts with the local citrus and vegetable growers, his business quickly grew by shipping their products throughout the United States and Canada.  Jeffrey Greene, the current President of JGLC and son of its founder told Business in Focus, “My father actually went around talking to local packing houses, made some deals with them and started the logistics operation.  That is how we got started, and then, once things took off, he quit his job and jumped in full time.” In 1998, the company’s name changed to “John Greene Logistics Company” and in 2002, the offices were moved to Titusville, FL.  Throughout the years we have remained family owned and operated.


Business in Focus Magazine featured JGLC in their magazine in December of 2019 and stated that “Almost sixty years since the inception of JGLC, the company has grown to be a premier transportation company in its operating region, with more than $50 million in annual revenue and the ability to transport commodities from coast to coast.  JGLC serves both Canadian and United States markets, sending trucks to just about any location throughout North America.  Chase Greene, the son of Jeffrey Greene and Vice President of JGLC told Business in Focus that, “Every customer has a unique requests and specific needs for their commodities, particularly in how they are shipped and how they are handles.  So, it can be a challenge just tending to all their specific requests and needs in terms of their products.”  Fortunately, JGLC has been able to turn this challenge into an opportunity to build its expertise and develop a service perfectly suited to customers through-out its service territory.””


We work hard to make the process of shipping our customers commodities easy, flexible, and seamless.  We also have developed a network of over ten thousand carriers that go through an extensive vetting process to ensure our customers commodities are always in the right hands. We match each load with the best carrier that suits its criteria.  Once this connection has been made our logistics agents are able to track the load 24/7.  We understand the importance of communication and if our customers or carriers need their logistics agent at any time, they have their personal cell phone numbers to ensure that all their needs will be met immediately through each step of the shipping process.


We also own a trucking company, Greene Transport Company and we provide refrigerated, dry, flatbed, and specialized freight services.  Greene Transport Company trucks are always used first, when available and then we broker out a load when we do not have our own fleet available in a specific area.  Greene Transport Company’s fleet is rapidly growing and gaining recognition within the supply chain industry.  We treat our drivers like they are part of our family and make sure that they are always taken care of.  Jeremiah Hanna, Greene Transport Company, Transportation Manager said “Our drivers are paid faster than most other companies.  As we keep our people and its shipping partners happy, those workers, in turn, keep our customers happy.”  We all work very closely together and through prioritizing family values and creating a positive work-place culture focused on fairness and respect has made us feel like we are one big family.


Our mission at JGLC is to become the leading transportation intermediary for shippers and carriers, while providing the best possible service to our diverse customer base.  We take pride that we are a family owned and operated, have open and constant communication with our carriers and customers and our team is experienced and shares the same passion for the tradition of excellent service.  We are a close-knit team whose employees’ diverse experiences and training have helped shape our company style, creating an innovative and modern company.  Because of our 59 years in the logistics and transportation industry, we have been able to maintain long standing and trusted relationships with our customer and carrier base. Those relationships have resulted in strong ratings and reviews from our customers, carriers, and organizations such as the Blue Book, Red Book, Dun & Bradstreet and CompuNet.  We always like to note that our company is fully bonded, licensed, and insured. Our customers can and always will be able to count on us for reliability, dependability and dedication carried out on every order, every time.  That is who John Greene Logistics Company is.