As we all prepare to welcome a new year, and eagerly leave 2020 in the past, lets hear from a few of John Greene Logistics Company’s, Logistics Managers and our sister company, Greene Transport Company’s, Transportation Manager on their thoughts about the trucking industry in 2020 and what 2021 may look like to them.


As we transition into 2021, take a moment to reflect on a challenging 2020.  The past year brought forth unprecedented obstacles for everyone.  True to form, the trucking industry did what it always does… adapted and overcame.


Jeff, one of our Logistics Agents for JGLC says, “JGLC experienced tremendous growth with two of its top customers- Alcoa & Arconic.  With freight still back logged after complications with COVID, flatbed & van volume will continue to skyrocket in 2021.  With the rest of the world getting back on its feet, the show must go on… and the trucking industry is here to pave the way.”


Jeff and his Fiancé are getting married in 2021.  His new year’s resolution is to become the best new husband he can be in February, someone his kids can always come to for advice, and to grow professionally with JGLC!


Jeremiah, Greene Transport Company’s, Transportation Manager oversees our transportation department.  He manages the operational aspects of ongoing shipments and serves as liaison between JGLC’s Logistics Managers and GTC’s truck drivers.  He must ensure our customer goods move smoothly through our company trucks within the supply chain to the end user.  Jeremiah says, “What I have found is that working off a volume base instead of trying to get the highest rate on less loads is more beneficial to Greene Transport Company and my drivers.”  As for 2021, professionally, Jeremiah is “looking forward to any new challenges that may arise because after enduring the COVID pandemic, it’s obvious we in the trucking industry and my drivers are capable of more than we may have ever thought.”  Jeremiah and his girlfriend will be welcoming their second boy in February 2021.  He is excited to see his family grow and working on building their new home in 2021.



Tyler, one of our newest members of John Greene Logistics Company has been with us for 2 years.  He started as a Logistics Assistant assisting three of our Logistics Managers, Jared, Scott, and Ian who handles lanes out of Florida to the West/East coast and Florida to Florida.  In those two years, Tyler has grown significantly in his role, his eagerness to learn and his desire to want to succeed is contagious to everyone he works with.


Tyler says that he is looking forward to growing next year as he will be branching out on his own as a Logistics Manager.  “There is going to be a lot going on for me next year, I plan on staying positive and will keep working as hard as possible.”


Tyler and his girlfriend will be welcoming their first child, a boy into the world this February as well.  JGLC is excited for Tyler’s future with the company and in his new role as a Logistics Manager and a Father.  Congratulations Tyler.


We wanted to hear from Michael Fernandes, our Director of Sales, on his thoughts about 2020 and his goals for JGLC in 2021.


In a year that proved to have many challenges, one thing Michael has learned this year was the importance of maintaining those strong, trustworthy relationships with JGLC’s current customers and how to navigate reaching them remotely.  With trade shows and conventions being canceled this year, making connections, and building relationships with new customers was limited and a huge obstacle for Sales. “The support and trust we have maintained with our current customers are what got us through this year.” Michael states.


Being able to meet potential customers through virtual conferences was imperative to not only JGLC’s Sales Department but also to our Marketing Department.  Michael was able to work closely with Mattie Fisher, our Social Media Manager this year to ensure JGLC was constantly creating innovated ways to engage with both current and potential customers remotely.  Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic members of JGLC were a part and attending conventions around the U.S. all year long but, this year everything was remote, and Mattie and Michael attended 50+ virtual meetings and conventions.


2020 gave Mattie a unique opportunity to make new connections virtually throughout the supply chain and transportation industry.  Mattie said “Being in my new role as Social Media Manager, meant I would have been attending these in-person conventions with Michael if COVID-19 never happened and meeting and seeing the people within our industry only a couple times a year.  Going virtual meant I was seeing them 10x more than I would have and it gave me a huge advantage in establishing myself in my new role in the supply chain and transportation industry.  We were in each other’s homes, virtually, all year.  My kids would pop in the camera and say “hi”, I would see people’s pets and family members and I was able to make strong connections and people now knew who I was.  Being in someone’s home is very personal and I think it helped make all of us feel more connected and made the “new normal, feel normal”.


Michael said, “Now, when we get back to in person conventions, we will feel even more connected to each other, which in the long term helps build and maintain the trust of our potential and existing customers in our industry.”


John Greene Logistics Company is grateful to all the people in the transportation industry, from the shortage of toilet paper to produce; COVID-19 has vividly highlighted how much society depends on them.  The pandemic opened the worlds eyes to how crucial the trucking and logistics industry is.  Michael’s goal for the next year is to continue building and strengthening those existing relationships; so, his customers and carriers know he will always be there to meet their needs.


2020 will be a year we never forget, and it may be hard to feel optimistic when there are still so many challenges ahead. But in a year of unprecedented change, we also feel hopeful, having seen time and time again the power of people to help each other through this crisis, sometimes against all odds.


In 2021 John Greene Logistics Company and Greene Transport Company are looking toward immense growth within our company. Our team and our fleet are expanding rapidly, and we are eager and ready for the growth that will take place in the new year.  We will be opening our brand-new offices in Florida, as well as expanding our offices throughout the U.S.  Our mission has always been to become the leading transportation intermediary for our shippers and carriers.  We take pride in our 59 years as a family owned and operated business and our ability to work 24/7 to make sure our customers, carriers and truck drivers are taken care of from beginning to end.

We want to thank our whole team for their hard work and dedication this year and we wish you all a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year!