About Us Family Owned And Operated

Our Mission

Our mission at John Greene Logistics Company is to become the leading transportation intermediary for shippers and carriers, while providing the best possible service to our diverse customer base. We take pride in our ability to transport any kind of product for any kind of customer. In doing so, JGLC ensures each shipment is handled in a professional and timely manner from beginning to end.

Company History

Our story began when our founder, John J. Greene, worked building rocket launch pads at Cape Canaveral, FL where he was the head of the Iron Workers Union. After hearing there was a need for commodities to ship from his brother who was a truck driver, John decided to take a leap of faith and start his own logistics company in 1962 which was originally called “John J. Greene Truck Brokers” and was located in Mims, FL. With his contacts with local citrus and vegetable growers, his business quickly grew shipping their products throughout the United States and Canada. In 1998, the company’s name was changed to “John Greene Logistics Company” and in 2002, the offices were moved to Titusville, FL. Throughout the years, we have remained family owned and operated.
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