By: Mattie Fisher

John Greene Logistics Company has been in business for 59 years and remains family owned and operated, along with having our own fleet, Greene Transport Company.  JGLC has always successfully adapted to the rapid changes in the Logistics and Transportation Industries.

Last year, JGLC sponsored a United Fresh virtual event, “Women’s in Produce.”  Mattie Fisher and Hannah Cleveland represented JGLC and worked together to produce a ten-minute introduction for the virtual event.  After days of research, we decided to use this platform to highlight the three biggest stigmas that the supply chain may have about “brokers” in the Logistics Industry and uncover the truth behind those stigmas.  Here are a few:

Myth #1: Brokers are too expensive.

Reality: The fact is JGLC is not more costly and they always offer competitive rates to their customers.  JGLC works hard to guarantee a fair and honest rate to not only their customers, but also their carriers. Reuters Events recently revealed, “The reason why brokers can find the best price for moving your goods is the big database of carriers that they have at their disposal.  Of course, it is not only about the contacts they have, but the partnerships they have established with select carriers.”  JGLC takes those partnerships they have developed over the past 59 years and pass the cost savings onto their customers.

Myth #2:  Brokers are not selective with their carriers.

Reality:  JGLC puts their carriers through an extensive vetting process.  We use Assure AssistMyCarrierPackets, and SaferWatch to guarantee all carriers are satisfactory. They are then uploaded into our TMS system as an approved carrier.  JGLC monitors all new and current carriers through SaferWatch and within minutes they are screened for safety and fraudulent activity.  Hannah Cleveland, the Carrier Processor for JGLC said, “MyCarrierPackets makes onboarding and monitoring our carriers seamless, and keeps our customer’s loads as secure as possible”.  MyCarrierPackets will also alert JGLC to any insurance cancellations or urgent safety issues immediately.

Myth #3:  Brokers have a reputation for being unreliable.

Reality:  JGLC has been in business and remained family owned and operated for the past 59 years.  We use top tracking technology that every carrier is required to use, but we do not solely rely on tracking software.  Scott Geiser, a JGLC dispatcher said, “We have recognized over the years that our customers and drivers still want that interpersonal connection over the phone when verifying temperatures or making appointments.”  JGLC ensures that every dispatcher’s direct phone number is given out to each customer and driver.  “Being available day or night is one way we add value to our customers and drivers.”  Quality customer service paired with being reliable and trustworthy was engrained into John Greene Logistics Company from the beginning.

In 2013, one of the major requirements for getting a freight broker license or bond, was increased from $10,000 to $75,000. Vic Lance, founder and president of Lance Surety Bond Associates, wrote, “Non-asset freight brokers can be even more cost-effective than the ones owning trucks, since they have a larger network of contacts at their disposal. This makes them more flexible and able to find the best option for transporting your goods. Being a successful freight broker does not depend on ownership of trucks.”  He also stated, “Last but not least, because freight brokers operate with a large volume of shipments and a wide range of carriers, they can use the power of the great volume to get better pricing. This means a lower cost for shippers in the end.”

JGLC goes a step further to guarantee that their customers product is protected by requiring all their carriers to hold a minimum of $1,000,000.00 liability and $100,000.00 cargo insurance.  JGLC holds an even higher insurance policy of $4,000,000.00 liability and $250,000.00 for cargo and because we are insured for a higher amount, that means an even higher level of security for our shippers.

John Greene Logistics Company operates with a large volume of shipments and a wide range of over 250,000 carriers.  We use the power of large volume to get better pricing, which in turn means a lower cost for the shipper in the end.  Shippers can always check if the brokers they are working with are bonded in the FMCSA’s database.  The Logistics Industry is constantly evolving and JGLC is a big reason why these myths are being turned from fact to fiction.