A day in the life as a Truck Driver.


Truck drivers live a unique life on the road. Inconsistent sleep hours, eating at fast food restaurants or in their truck, finding a safe place to park for the night and daily truck inspections are just a few things truckers must deal with daily.  Many people may not be able to handle 250 days on the road like the average truck driver is able to.  However, it does have some perks.  Experienced truck drivers are used to this lifestyle and it is an opportunity for them to travel across the country and rarely be stagnant in one place.

By now you should be familiar with JGLC’s sister company, Greene Transport Company, which is coming up on their 20th year in service. GTC is made up of experienced drivers, reliable trucks and trailers that provide refrigerated, frozen, and climate-controlled freight, specialized freight, and flatbed trucking services all throughout the United States and Canada.

The life of a truck driver is what you make it.  An article in atbs.com about The Truck Driver Lifestyle, it states, “Not every truck driver lives the same lifestyle. And, over the years, many things have gotten better for truck drivers which makes living in the truck easier”.

Greene Transport Company driver, Walter, was able to give us an exclusive look into his daily life on the road as a GTC truck driver.  With 20 years of experience under his belt, Walter has been around to see the ups and downs that the trucking industry has endured. So, let us take a closer look into “A day in the life as a truck driver.”


What do truckers weekly and daily schedule look like?

A trucker’s schedule changes with every load. Pickup and delivery times dictate our lives on the road.  With perishable products, schedule delivery times are normally in the early morning, so, that the loads we bring in can be distributed on the customers local trucks for daytime deliveries.


What do truckers like to do when they are done driving for the day?

At the end of a driving day, its nice to get out of the truck and walk around; stretch legs and mind.  Truckers must focus on the road for 11 plus hours a day.  Walter, Greene Transport Company driver explained, “It takes a while for our minds to settle down, I usually have dinner and a shower, if available, make a phone call home and watch a bit of Netflix or TV to wind down.”


What are your relationships like with other drivers?

“Trucking has changed in the last 10 years. But we still have our relationships with other drivers.”  Walter says, “Back in the day, we communicated with other trucks by CB radio.  You would hear other drivers going down the interstate, telling stories, making jokes and we would always let each other know if there were issues on the road ahead.  When another driver leaves the “pack“

after riding next to the same truckers for miles, you would always get or give a friendly gesture saying, “it’s been fun running with you guys, have a save ride.”  Unfortunately, those days are ending, everyone has Bluetooth headsets and cellphones.  We talk with our families and old trucker friends, but the CB radio is quiet on the road now and I miss that park of trucking.”


How do truckers stay healthy on the road?

Walter finds it easier to stay healthy on the road now than when he started driving 20 years ago.  “Truck stops have changed their menus so that we have healthier options and added fitness rooms and walking trails.”  Truck stops are not the only thing that has given these truck drivers more options, the trucks have also changed.  There are now built-in refrigerators, high powered power inverters to power appliances like microwaves, toaster ovens slow cookers, etc.

Walter has a 4CF fridge and a microwave in his truck.  He meal preps at home and if he needs something else while he is on the road, he will stop by a nearby grocery store with truck parking and runs in to get what he needs.  There are healthy options for truckers now and they do not have to eat out of a gas stations or fast food just because they are on the road.


What do truck drivers typically wear? Is it important to look presentable?

When it comes to clothing for a truck driver, everyone is different.  Many truck drivers wear jeans, boots, and long sleeve shirts.  Usually whatever is most comfortable for them while they are driving.  Walter thinks it is important to always look presentable.  “With social media, truckers are being watched much more than before.”  You can always find Walter with Nike running shoes, and if you do not see him with his ballcap on, it probably was forgotten at home.”


The life of a truck driver can be challenging, but there are great benefits associated with the profession. According to Flock Freight, “Truck driving remains one of the best paying professions for non-college educated individuals and has a relatively low barrier to entry for most. While wage growth for truck drivers has lagged other industries in the past two decades, employers are beginning to steadily increase wages to retain current employees and entice new people to enter the field amid a driver shortage”.

John Greene Logistics Company and Greene Transport Company address some of the most difficult aspects of the job, so that is more appealing for new drivers as well as our customers. This includes better routing for our drivers that want to stay closer to home, regular weekly routes and more flexible delivery and pickup windows. There are pros and cons to every profession, and driving trucks is no exception. Still, understanding the day in the life of a trucker informs both those aspiring to be truck drivers and the rest of us that rely on their hard work every day.  Like we always say, “Don’t forget to thank a truck driver”.